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Representation & Coverage

A.G. Brown has a proven track record of brand building that revolves around a multifaceted approach. Central to our strategy is the expansion of distribution networks. We understand that widespread availability is key to a brand’s success. That’s why we tirelessly work to ensure that every store, no matter how big or small, is covered within our target markets. This commitment to comprehensive coverage extends to building relationships at the store level.

Our Strategic Approach 

We believe that success is not only about getting our products on the shelves but also about forging strong bonds with the individuals who make purchasing decisions. By developing these personal connections, we can better understand the unique needs of each store and tailor our approach to drive sales.

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to secure extra displays and prominent placements for our brands. Whether it’s an eye-catching endcap, a special promotional area, or a seasonal showcase, we actively negotiate with retailers to secure prime real estate for our products. This strategic approach ensures that our brands receive the visibility they deserve, leading to increased sales and brand recognition

Retail and Head Office Coverage

AGB have a very strong presence with full-time sales representatives in all 4 Atlantic provinces. We have resilient representatives, with smaller territories and living in their communities.

A.G.Brown & Sons has more than 100 years of Category Management key account experience calling on all the key accounts in Atlantic Canada. Our philosophy of “Legs on the Road” gains results.

DSD – Direct Store Delivery

Our dedicated full-time sales force has extensive experience in DSD business, currently representing some of the biggest and prestigious vendors/distributors in Canada with regular call coverage.

Our reps work with the manufacturer/distributor placing store level orders for regular products as well as special pre-packs and then they coordinate this with their store level contacts to deliver secondary displays where possible and making sure the product has the best visibility/accessibility possible.

The business function is very successful and we get it done effectively and efficiently with excellent results and follow through.